STX O&S boss

CEO Message

Welcome to STX Marine Service,
the global leader of marine and power plant service.

STX Marine Service offers a premium ship management services based on
the accumulated comprehensive know-how of ship management services
for more than 50 years.
Now we have become a truly comprehensive technology services company
by expanding our business such as power plant operation and maintenance (O&M).

In the field of ship management business, we are maximizing the business synergies.
We are offering general ship management services such as crew/ship management and
commercial management(marine insurance & accident management).
In addition, we are providing total marine solution ranging from ship building supervision up
to the commercial services such as chartering, sales and purchasing(S&P),and ship scrapping.

In accordance with the trend of diversified ship owners and strengthen regulations, STX Marine Service has a wide variety of process systems based on the advanced safety & quality environmental management. This, our own system, can be applicable to lots of special ships including bulk carriers, containers, tankers, PCTC, icebreaking research vessel, semi-submersible heavy lift carriers, offshore support vessel, and floating loading facility.

STX Marine Service found a new growth engine in 2012 by starting the power plant O&M(Operation & Maintenance) business based on ship management knowhow. STX Marine Service has expanded the business area to Africa and South America based on successful job of DPP(Diesel Power Plant) and TPP(Thermal Power Plant) O&M in the Mideast and Southeast Asia.

Currently, we are enhancing our business stability based on the two portfolios of the ship management and plant O&M(Operation & Maintenance), and our executives are making all-out efforts to keep growth of company.

We promise that we will strengthen our business capability by continuously expanding professional skills and securing high-quality human resources, and always be a company that puts priority on increasing customer satisfaction and value.