Ship’s Repair and Maintanace

Certified  repair team, with more than 30 years of working experience in shipbuilding and ship repair companies offers high quality repair/emergency repair of the main and auxiliary engines, marine auxiliary machinery, repair of hull structures in the dock and afloat by reasonable prices.

Our experts will repair ship machinery to ensure the safety and profitability of the vessels anywhere in the world. We hold disassembling and assembling works directly on board, but in some cases ship machinery may require repair in metalworking and assembly shops, or in specialized shop. Specialists also provide testing and repair of valves and cargo systems.
Our team of highly skilled professionals will restore functionality of marine auxiliary machinery like power generator sets, compressors, pumps, steering gears and other ship machinery.

Professionals in Fuel Equipment

GLINAR™ has developed and grown, based on a reputation for providing the highest quality service in the reconditioning and supply of Fuel Equipment components.

GLINAR™ is a official dealer of BOSCH fuel equipment.

Our professional team studies the needs of our clients and the urgency needed to get marine engines back into working order. We procure the best equipment for overhaul, testing and calibration, as well as a stock of spare parts, which allows us to quickly respond to any requirements of our customers. We serve our customers all over the world in various industries.


Complete list of repair works for vessels we provide:

  • Repair of main / auxiliary diesel engines
  • Repair of pumps, separators, compressors
  • Installation of the equipment inside the engine room
  • Repair of fuel eqipment, official dealer BOSCH.
  • Repair of housings, valves, piping and hydraulic equipment
  • Installation of deck machinery, anchor devices, grappling devices
  • Ship crane device repairs

Fuel Equipment 

  • Bosch Offical Dealer
  • Stock of fuel hight preassure pumps
  • Stock of fuel nozzle
  • Repair and modernisation of fuel system
  • Exchange base
  • Consulting and service