Turbocharger Service



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Glinar Turbo&Diesel represented all over the world (Europe, Asia and USA). We are servicing all manufacturers, like: ABB,KBB, MAN, IHI, Holset, MET Mitsubishi, Napier, PBSturbo both for spare parts and services. Glinar Turbo provides 24/7 services for overhauling and turbocharger repair on board.

Our global network of certified turbocharger workshops supports your operations with troubleshooting, upgrades, maintenance and replacements. Quality of repairs and compliance to standards is guaranteed by Glinar Turbo. We are really strong in marine turbochargers and can provide service for non-standard units on your request as well.

Glinar Turbo workshop locations: Liverpool, UK; Houston, USA; Algeciras, Spain; Antwerpen, Belgium; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Saint-Petersburg, Russia; Riga, Latvia; Kaliningrad Russia, Odessa, Ukraine; Athens, Greece; Lagos, Nigeria; Shanghai, China; Singapore; Mumbai, India.